Pastor Dave Landis

Being raised in a Catholic home, I went through 'the motions' of practicing the Catholic religion as a child. At the age of twelve I left the church (because my mother left the church) and in turn I lived a life of rebellion to family and God for the next 20 years. In that church period of my life I can say that I never truly knew or understood who Jesus Christ really was and the ultimate sacrifice that He made for me by dying on that cross. I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus; I was simply following a religious ‘regiment’ that my parents had followed themselves, for so many years. As I began to reap many of the consequences of my actions throughout my rebellious years, the Holy Spirit began to draw me in to a place where I was questioning my life and the things that I was striving for in that life. At what was probably the lowest point in my life I remember giving my heart over to the Lord as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. I was emotionally battered and broken. The Lord came in at that moment and gave me peace in my heart and mind that everything would now be alright. Almost immediately the Lord began to change the desires of my heart from "living for me" to now "living for Him". From that point of salvation, through the next several years, the Lord had begun to prepare both myself and my wife Rhonda, by taking us through many tests and trials in our personal lives…little did we know that that preparation would be to eventually serve Him in full-time ministry. I’ve been humbled and blessed to be a part of the Lord’s work here at Calvary Chapel Tustin since it’s beginnings, wearing many different ‘hats’ along the way, but there was no bigger honor than to be called into full-time pastoral ministry here in 2005.

  • Ministies: Men’s Ministry, Community Care, Helps Ministry, Counseling, Administration, Office/Staff
  • Born: 1962
  • Birthplace: San Diego, California
  • Pastor Since: 2005
  • Previous Work: Project Manager, Telecommunications
  • Favorite Verse: Psalm 37:3-8
  • Married to: Rhonda
  • Married Since: 1996
  • Children: Vicky, Samantha, Jessica
Pastor Loren Rossignol

Born into a pastor’s family I was raised in Anchorage, Alaska which was then a territory and considered a mission field! Our family moved to So. California in 1955 and over the next decade I went through much of what most young people experienced during the "60’s". It was the grace of God that brought me through those turbulent years which included a stint in the U.S Army during the Viet Nam War. I spent the next several years attending Saddleback Community College and the U.of C. at Fullerton studying music at which time I met my beautiful wife Michele. We were married shortly after leaving school and have since spent our lives raising our family and serving the Lord. We came to be a part of Calvary Chapel Tustin in 2000 and have served as an Elder and in various ministries.

  • Ministries: Missions, Counseling, Music
  • Born: 1945
  • Birthplace: Shelby, Montana
  • Pastor Since: 2008
  • Previous Work: City of Santa Ana, Parks & Recreation
  • Favorite Verse: Lamentations 3:22-23
  • Married to: Michele
  • Married Since: 1972
  • Children: Ami, Randilyn, Andre’
  • Grandchildren: Caleb, Allison
Pastor Josh Gallegos

Raised in a Christian home, I "accepted Christ into my heart" at an early age, probably between the age of 4-6. I always believed in God and considered myself a Christian. Probably the biggest factor affecting my Christianity growing up is that I didn’t ever make any Christian friends. So as I got older there became an increasing gap between how I was being raised and what I was being exposed to with my friends. I began to drift away from the Lord through elementary school, into Junior high and throughout high school. My life more and more began to reflected that of the world and not that of Christ. When I was in high school my mother was diagnosed with Cancer and she ended up dying when I was 18. This caused me to question God as to why he did not answer all the prayers for her healing. At that point I became numb to God. I wasn’t necessarily mad at God but not sure what to think. At that point I began to do all the things I had been holding back from, fully indulging in the things of the world. I was caught up in the party scene and fulfilling the desires of the flesh. It wasn’t until I got to a point where I realize how empty all these things of the world were and how fake and conditional all the "friends" of the world were. I had walked so far from the Lord that I finally realized what it was like to not have the Lord in my life and I wanted to have that. It was at that point that I decided to take my faith into my own hands and to grab on to Jesus with my own arms instead of hanging on the coat tails of may parents faith. As I repented before God and placed Christ as Lord of my life, he began to change me and I began to grow in ways I had never grown before. It was from that point forward, that I never looked back and decided to live my life fully for the Lord and I’ve never looked back since!

  • Ministries: High School, Jr. High, Children’s Ministry
  • Born: 1977
  • Birthplace: Denver, Colorado
  • Pastor Since: 2011
  • Other Work: Mechanical Engineer
  • Favorite Verse: Galatians 2:20
  • Married to: Sarah
  • Married Since: 2000
  • Children: Elena, Christian
Pastor Ruben Montoya

I was raised in a home filled with violence by my father against my mother and two brothers. Even under these conditions two lessons among many were taught to me by my parents. My mother taught me to save and my father taught me to work. These two lessons produced a love of work, money and set me on a driven course to retire at age 30. I didn’t believe in God, heaven, Jesus or hell, money became a god to me.

At age 26 a close friend of mine, Jerry, got saved and he started to share his faith with me for the next year. At age 27 I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, come into my life and save me. I am and will be eternally grateful to Jesus Christ who gave His life on a cross to save such a wretched man like me.

The very next day I began to read the Word of God to my two daughters, Sarah 18 months old and Amy 6 months old. My wife sally noticed the change in me and a month later told me she wanted what I had, so I prayed with her and for the next 18 years we did Bible study with our daughters every day until Sarah got married and Amy went to Bible College in 2000.

After serving the Lord in Children’s Ministry for fifteen years I was called into full-time pastoral ministry on November 8, 1998. I cannot thank our Lord enough for the honor and privilege it has been and is to serve Him.

- 1 Timothy 1:12

  • Ministries: Children’s Ministry
  • Born: 1954
  • Married to: Sally
  • Married Since: 1978
  • Children: Sarah and Amy
  • Grandchildren: Elena and Christian